Unsocial use of social media / since when did I become so grumpy?!

One huge HUGE aspect of being an expat is keeping in contact with friends and relatives from back home. When stepping into the unknown, there’s really nothing better than having a good ol’ natter with someone still in your home country to comfort you in times of homesickness and keep you up to date with all the goings-on you’re missing (and for you to gloat about all the fun your having too of course..!). With international call rates still pretty excessive and my budget therefore not allowing me much phone time, social media has been a godsend for keeping in touch with everyone in the UK. Not only that, but it’s a fantastic way or getting to know your fellow expats BEFORE meeting them in person, and organising social gatherings for large groups. Yet, whilst I appreciate the fact that social media IS useful and probably has become an essential part of modern life, I can’t help but still get annoyed with it.

These are my pet peeves of social media:

Number 1. Friends ignoring you and/or half-listening to you as during your conversation they are busy tapping away on their smartphone – ‘checking in’ to the coffee shop you’re sitting in, or worse.. messaging someone else. If you wanted to talk to them instead of me, why didn’t you just meet up with them instead, or even just invite them along?! Just because you’re physically in my presence doesn’t make you ‘present’. Social gatherings are instantaneously made unsocial by people using social media! Yet at the same time we organised the social gathering through social media… This thought makes me a little dizzy.

Number 2. Embarrassing arguments over social media, and the fact I can’t stop reading them. So much rubbish is plastered over social media, and yet it’s the most infantile ridiculous stuff that I end up clicking on and reading, thereby wasting seconds, minutes, or even *cringe* hours reading the most unbelievable drivel. Shameful.

Number 3. The fact you never have a reasonable excuse to have ‘quiet time’ – with the majority of people owning smartphones, being ‘out’ is no longer a reason to not constantly talk to everyone who’s ‘online’, or message people back within a day, or even within the hour. Sometimes it’s exhausting to be constantly available for conversation. Does anyone else miss the days of phone calls, and asking your mum to tell them your in the bath so you’ll have to call back later..? Or waiting for it to go the answering machine to see who it it? *sigh*

Number 4. The fact I have nothing interesting to say, but when I eventually do, no-one ‘likes’ it. Except my Mum. And that doesn’t count.

Number 5. That fact that I even care that no-one ‘liked’ my status… Why does it even matter to me, what have I become?!

Number 6. And my final pet peeve of social media – no matter how much I complain about it, I will always start and end my day by checking Facebook. And that is le sad, sad fact. Having said that, it does have it’s perks. I think…



  1. Re Number 4: even though it doesn’t ‘count’, I’m comforted to know at least one person will read every post I write!

    1. Haha I suppose that’s true!

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