Day 1 – oh how will you cope?!

CAT-03-JE0012-01PHello November! Nice to see you again. With your rust coloured leaves for me to crunch my way through, and your chilly air justifying my fabulous new hat and scarf set, and incessant tea addiction habit. I already have so many fabulous November plans: trip to London for a training course, firework display at Caerphilly Castle, my brother’s wedding, and my Mum’s birthday! But November has something else in store for me too…


Sounds rather dirty doesn’t it?! Or perhaps a bit like a character from some strange children’s cartoon, like ‘in the night garden’, or ‘the magic roundabout’. When I told my boyfriend I was going to attempt NaBloPoMo he laughed. A lot. Gladly not because he thought it was a ridiculous idea (as many of my ideas usually area..) but because the name is rather ridiculous.

November-2 (1)So what on earth is NaBloPoMo?! It helps to know what it actually stands for – National Blog Posting Month. ‘Ahhhh’ I hear you say, ‘now that seems MUCH more self-explanatory’. As far as my understanding goes, it is a commitment to write a blog post every day for all of November, 30 word-liscious posts for all you beautiful readers to enjoy.

writingIt was inspired by the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which in turn was created to encourage all those creative types out there to write the novel they’ve always dreamed of writing in one month, creating 50,000 words of story genius.

Well, as much as I like the idea of writing a novel, I thought the blog posting one sounded a little more manageable (I do work, after all!). Will I manage to do it? Well, I really rather hope so!

So here it is, day 1, and only 29 more posts to go. Want to help me out? Tell me what you’d like me to blog about, and I’ll try my best to do your ideas justice! Otherwise grab a cuppa, sit back, get yourselves comfy, and suffer enjoy my rambles about live, stuff, and my daily doings.



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