Day 3 – what the blog…?!

wing-221524_640Hello there darling readers. Good morning, and welcome to day 3 of my ‘NaBloPoMo’ blog-tastic, blogging-ness. When I first started this blog it was mainly to document my travels. Then I went and got accepted to a University in the Netherlands, and well, it ended up just being about Dutch-land.

il_fullxfull.377488822_l3ggStill, that was no bad thing. Dutch-land is pretty interesting, and I got up to some crazy-fabulous stuff over there. But since then….hmmm.

Assembly seeks new rights for Welsh speakersWell I got a job, which was great. And I moved to Cardiff, which was also great. Then I… well, I sort of mellowed out a bit then. And now you’re probably all thinking, what on earth is this girl going to blog about now?!

I have to admit, I have gone a bit off topic with my blog posts. I’ve went from documenting my travels to documenting myself, which was not really the intention. I was hoping to share all of my exotic travel plans and adventures with you, and that has been somewhat delayed due to the working all the time and not having any money scenario.

So my blogs have changed a little. And maybe they ramble a little. And maybe they are all about a lot of not very much right now. But I will still keep trying to entertain you until I manage to get myself on a plane and flying off somewhere swish and interesting!

downloadAnd just so you know, my boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Pamplona next July, and potentially another fabulous trip (which I won’t mention just yet in case I jinx it!) so more travel extravaganza is in the pipeline! In the meantime, if you would like to donate to the Nicci holiday fund, feel free…!

wales_1925567bUntil then, you will just have to be entertained by my little insights and excursions around Wales, I hope you don’t mind.

Lots of love from beautiful Wales xxx


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