Day 4 – the trials and tribulations of growing out a pixie cut

Back in April I decided to go for a pixie cut. I wanted an easy-to-style hair-do that would be fuss free and mean I wouldn’t have to go to the hairdressers for, well, ages. I was sorta going for an Emma Watson style, and it turned out like so:

Screen shot 2014-10-31 at 16.52.36

Velma-What-s-New-velma-dinkley-31663245-943-756However, at the moment I’m looking a bit like Velma from scooby doo with my massive glasses and half-grown hair-do. Nice huh?

I’m aiming for a graduated bob, but it’s taking its time. I make do with concentrating on my make-up, and making my face look nice rather than trying to style my hair. A bit of hairspray is about as far as I’ll go, although I have recently bought Vo5 root booster, which is hilarious to use as a little too much and you end up looking like a mad scientist. Which is actually a look I could get on with!
1381633_727208704023202_2359896489201102599_nI find it hard to motivate myself to mess around with my hair a) because when I get home form work I’m tired and have nowhere to go so don’t see the point (or have the energy) in making my bonce look that good, and b) I’m not that skilled with hair-styling, so my feeble attempts seem pretty pointless. Plus there isn’t actually much hair there to style.

The closest I have got to hair styling has been wearing my hair over my ears, rather than tucking it behind. Dangerous huh?! I know, I’m SO experimental. At the moment I spend my 20mins on the train to work every morning scrolling through pinterest, looking at other peoples short-dos and wondering why mine doesn’t look as good. Or halfway decent. Or nice at all.

Tangled-MovieDo I regret my pixie cut? No, not really. I think I would have been better suited to a longer fringe than what I went with in the end (it would have made the growing-out process a little easier to deal with I think) but all in all it was an experience, and at the end of the day, why not? Hair grows, and I’m young. That’s the time to take risks, and lets face it, cutting your hair is pretty mellow if you want to live life on the edge! Plus I was so irritated with my long hair tying itself into impossible knots all the time and having to wear it in a ponytail or bun, like, always because I live in a flippin’ windy country, that having short hair has been somewhat of a relief. But this growing-out malarkey? That’s what I’m not so keen on.

Still, I’ve calculated the rate of hair growth and I’m hoping to have a graduated bob (ha, sounds a bit like a university student!) by Christmas time, so we’ll see. Fingers crossed!
In the meantime, if any of you lovely lot have any tips/ideas of how I can style my crop, please please let me know! I would love you forever! Or at least until my hair is a bit longer..!


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