Day 5 – winter is here

Cold-LeavesThe weather is getting chillier. As they say in Welsh: mae hi’n oer (it is cold). My woolly mittens are a staple wardrobe item. My dad bought a log burner. I died and went to heaven.

I used to be desperate to move out of the parental home, to live the life of a free independent woman. Apart from the fact that I now live in my boyfriend’s parental home (we’ll sweep past that for now..!), I now yearn to be back in the family home. Why? Two words.

Log burner.

121401-HERO-9fd1befd-3178-46b4-9b87-1da9c3e35697-0-472x310timthumbI have never come across such bliss as a roaring fire in a glorious log burner, but now I have… and all I want to do is don my slippers, grab a cuppa and a book, and curl up in the enveloping heat, the warm snuggle of the air surrounding this wonderous contraption, living the rest of my days toasting crumpets and marshmallows. 

Imagine it…. Sounds like perfection right..?

New item now added to the dream house wish list: log burner with unlimited supply of logs. Might need to hire le boyfriend to help with that!



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