Day 6 – Christmas is coming..!!

As I sit here wrapped up in a cardie and scarf, huddled next to the radiator and sipping hot tea, one thing is for sure: winter is here. And whilst this means getting dressed in the morning in a chilly house, pretending to be a dragon as your breath produces puffs of steam (I can’t be the only one who does this… right?) and frizzy hair from whacking the central heating way up, it also mean something else…. something that gets me very excited. Christmas is coming.

I like all the seasons. I like spring for the daffodils (also, my birthday is in May), I like summer for the heat and being able to walk round in a t-shirt (a rarity here in the UK), I like autumn for it’s crisp air, autumnal smell and rusty red leaves. Winter – not so keen on the cold. Not so keen on the rain. But winter… winter has Christmas. And that I do like!

This Christmas will be strange, because it will be the first time I won’t be waking up with my family on Christmas morning. This year I will be at my boyfriends parents house, so it will be different! Getting used to the traditions of another family is going to be weird, especially since that means missing out on some of my own families festivities, and this has got me thinking about all my favourite things around Christmas time.

So sitting here all chilly and stressing that I’m coming down with a cold *sigh*, here is a list of my favourite things about Christmas:

1. The run-up. The building excitement. The writing of Christmas lists and the start of festive tunes being played in the shops.

2. Decorating. I love helping my Dad put the tree up… something I’ll miss this year.

3.  Baking. I normally do a lot of baking this time of year, plus I adore all the smells of Christmassy food being cooked around the house – pure bliss for the nostrils!

4. Visiting friends. Around Christmas my friends and I always make an extra-special effort to meet up, and quite often, it’s the only time we manage to get together.

5. Traditions. Every year my Dad has bought me an advent calendar. And every year, my Dad has made me a stocking which has always contained: chocolate coins, lindt chocolate reindeer, terry’s chocolate orange, and a chocolate selection box. Every year. Always those things. And some silly presents too! I wonder if 23 is too old to have a stocking now..?

6. Family. We usually only ever got to see our cousins once a year – at Christmas. Mainly this is because everyone is so busy with work and school that it would be too hard to coordinate calendars to meet up at any other time. So Christmas for me is definitely family time.

7. Mulled wine. Need I say more?

8. Mulled cider. Again – self explanatory.

9. Eating rubbish and eating lots. It’s fine, because we need the extra fat to keep us warm and stop us getting hypothermia. Really. Honest.

10. And my favourite thing about Christmas? Christmas dinner! Yum.

It’s really fun to think of all the best bits of this time of year, and I’m proud that I’ve already started buying gifts for people and actually being organised this year! I’d love to hear your favourite things about Christmas – I could write a list as long as my arm, but thought I should reign myself in at 10 so as to not bore you all senseless!!

Until tomorrow.. (This NaBloPoMo stuff is really fun!)

Nicci xx



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