Day 7 – what the flip is a ‘hobby’?

I’m a very open person. Ask me a question, and I’ll answer it as honestly as I can. Yes, I can sometimes be evasive and yes, I can keep secrets, but in the main if there is no particular reason not to share, I will share. I suppose that’s why blogging is such a great outlet for me!

However, there is one question that always makes me falter, that I never know how to answer, and overall, I quite honestly hate being asked. ‘Do you have any hobbies?’


I hate that word. Hobbies. Hobbies. For a start it reminds me of ‘hobbit’, and after all the short jokes I’ve had thrown at me throughout my life, being reminded of hobbits isn’t really the best. But the worst thing about that question is that when asked ‘do you have any hobbies’ I come out sounding really boring. No seriously.

Unless you play sports, ski, run a book club, or volunteer after work, hobbies can come across as really dull. And the worst part is, people think that hobbies say something fundamental about your character.

What are my hobbies? Well. I write blogs. And I like to read. If I have time I sketch stuff, I like drawing. But mostly I’m social. My hobby is to be with people (mainly people I love, like friends, family, and my boyfriend). But that isn’t really a ‘hobby’ is it?

I don’t do extreme sports, I still haven’t learnt how to knit. After work I’m usually so knackered I collapse in front of the tele, and at the weekends I do whatever, usually hanging out with fam or friends. I don’t have a regular thing that I always do, that one hobby that sums up my character. And when I tell people that, they usually respond with ‘nothing? Oh.’ And then there’s a bit of an awkward silence whilst I blush and feel a bit boring and flat.

So I propose we stop asking people what their hobbies are, and instead ask people what they like doing. What do they like to do. What would they like to do, if they had the time. Asking about hobbies doesn’t reveal about a character, but asking about what people like, even if it’s just what they like the idea of doing, that is the way forward.

Yes? No? Oh ok. I’ll just go back to pretending to knit and playing imaginary football in my head. Those are my hobbies. Honest.


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