Day 9 – wedding gifts are a head scratcher

With less than a week until my dear brother gets hitched, I’ve been making last minute prep: practising my reading, trying out different ‘weddingy’ hairstyles, and preparing the wedding gift for the happy couple.

Wedding gifts can be a head scratcher. Some couples have a wedding list, with presents for people to choose from to buy. Others just ask for money, which is simple enough (until it comes to deciding how much to write the cheque for!). But without these options, how do you know what to buy the bride and groom?

So here it is, my top 3 wedding gift ideas and tips:
1. Make it personal. Making a gift yourself or getting something personalised is a lovely way to wish the happy couple well. And don’t just go for an engraved frame, trust me, they’ll be getting enough of those!

2. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Go for things the couple would enjoy over ‘stereotypical’ gifts. Do they like extreme sports? Why not get them a couples gift certificate? They’d likely prefer that to another Tupperware set.

3. Cultural. Are you English? Swedish? Maori? How about a traditional wedding gift from your ancestors homeland? In Wales, for example, there is a traditional gift for couples called a “Llwy Garu” or a Love Spoon. Sounds a little silly but you should see some of the designed carved and whittled from a single piece of wood.

So there it is, my top 3 tips! Stay posted for updates on the wedding… I literally can’t wait!

Much love xxx


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