Day 10 – what keeps me motivated

It’s bliss doing absolutely nothing. Just sitting in front of the tele with a cuppa watching a millionth episode of friends. Except when you’re ill, and can’t enjoy it at all.
The past three days I’ve been wrapped in a blanket coughing and sniffling my way through boxes of tissues whilst gulping down cough syrup. Attractive huh?
Still, another day and it’s time for another blog post. And so as per my promise to myself to start what I finished with this NaBloPoMo, I have lifted myself from my blankety den to write. I’m not really sure if this one is for you, my lovely readers, or for me. Either way, here it is!
This post is about motivation. I often find it quite difficult to keep myself motivated, to keep going when something has obstructed my path or temporarily made things difficult for me. Recently, I’ve missed 3 of my Welsh classes. Between work trips and illness I’ve ended up getting behind in my studies, and my cough is so bad I can’t even practise at home. In the past, my motivation has dwindled so easily that I wouldn’t go back. I’d be too shy to go back knowing I’m behind, and too lazy to push myself to catch up.
This time? I’m going to do everything I can to get myself back on track and move forward, despite what I may have missed.
So what’s changed, where has this motivation come from?
Well, my reasons for learning welsh didn’t just stem from personal desire. My boyfriend speaks welsh, and so kindled my desire to learn. And he provides that spark, that passion that makes me want to carry on, despite the barriers that have come my way. I could throw in the towel. I could say, I’ve missed too much now, I can’t catch up. I’ll catch the next lot of classes. That’s what I’d have done in the past. But now? I have someone who inspires me to push myself, without actually having to push me. Who keeps my fire burning even when things get tough. Who encourages and helps me practise my welsh, and has even helped me with keeping up with my blog posts whilst I’ve been poorly.
If only I had that sort of motivation and passion in every aspect of my life huh?!
My boyfriend is my cheerleader, my support, and always helps me to believe in myself. Without pushing (or pulling!) he helps me to move forward, and to pursue the things that are important to me.
So sitting here, feeling sorry for myself and rubbish and rough, I dragged myself up to write because the past 3 days this wonderful welshy took care of me, encouraged me, and helped me to write, and through that gave me the motivation to keep going with NaBloPoMo. So this one is for him!
And now, I go back to my den. Until tomorrow.. Zzzzz *cough, splutter* zzzzzz..


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