NoBloPoMo – failing to fulfill what I’d hoped

If you clicked on my NaBloPoMo link at the top of the page, you’d have probably been pretty disappointed to find what is residing there. 15 posts wasn’t what I’d hoped for, and, on day 28, I’m feeling less than positive about my failings.

Turns out, it’s kinda hard to write a blog post every day, especially when you work full time, have jam-packed weekends, and are just so bloody tired. Like, all the time.

I know, I know, now I’m just making excuses. I do feel bad about not trying harder. I want to keep my lovely readers interested, I want to provide interesting posts about topics you all want to hear about. But actually sitting down at my computer and keeping my brain awake for long enough to do that just not happening write now.

I suppose it’s a positive thing, that I don’t have tonnes of free time to sit and write endless posts to fill this space, and yet I do seem to have plenty of time to snuggle up with a cuppa and watch yet another episode of Misfits…

So what have I been up to since my last post?


Welsh Classes

Sadwrn Siarad – a Saturday Welsh class for learners

Watching the Wales vs New Zealand Rugby game (oh, and narrowly missing out on the opportunity to actually be at the stadium…)

More Work

More Welsh Classes

Christmas Shopping

Stirring pointless and petty arguments with my darling boyfriend out of sheer tiredness (in fairness, I did half-apologize to him for my awkwardness!)

More work

And a little bit of sleep somewhere in between

And… well, that’s about it really! It feels like more when you’re out the house by 8, not home until 6, and all you can think about is FOOD and BED!

This weekend the boyfriend and I are travelling back to my dear home town to spent some time with my family, and I can’t flippin’ wait! Hopefully it’ll perk me up enough to get me writing again (and stop me from being an arsey bugger with my beloved!)

So I’m sorry I’ve been ditching my blogging duties and believe me when I say I’m trying to get back on top of it all! Crazy times and all that jazz…

Until next time!

Nicci xxx



  1. You know, I don’t think you should beat yourself up too much about not being able to write every single day for a month. It happens, people get excited about something and then it completely dies down. It’s a perfectly humane thing.

    I think you should look at what you have done so far and see that even though it isn’t what you intended to do, it’s still something that you can reflect on. You came up short, yeah, but what can you take away from not being able to accomplish something that you thought you had set your mind to?

    Oh and have fun with your weekend, it sounds like a lot of fun if you ask me.


  2. walker4long · · Reply

    Quality over quantity, that’s my motto. 😉

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