Monthly Archives: December 2014

20 thoughts Bangor students can relate to

On a day when I’m rather missing being a lazy Bangor student, I thought I’d reflect on all the most memorable things about Bangor:   The days that the rain just won’t stop pouring, but it’s so violently windy that you can’t use your umbrella *sob* The steps between bitch hill and main arts being […]

18 thoughts all 20-somethings that have ‘flown the nest’ think at Christmas time

Ok, so I realise that although I have ‘flown the nest’, I have flown into someone else’s (am currently living with the boyfriend’s parents) but these are some thoughts that I’ve been having over the Christmas period: I really want to make my room festive this year. Christmas tree, tinsel, paper chains, THE LOT. Let’s […]

Festive fun at Hogwarts

So, on Friday I had booked the day off work, caught the bus from Cardiff to London with my boyfriend, and headed to to magical city of Landan, to visit a beloved childhood character. It was a special Groupon event, £49 for an evening tour, including free hotdog, beer, souvenir book (retail £9.95) and butterbeer. […]

20 things that us ladies think when we’re suffering from cystitis

Oh my. Ok, I’m starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. A bit…burny. Let me just shift around in my seat… Oh no, no, shifting doesn’t help. I hope I don’t have another UTI… Ok, it’s really starting to hurt now. I think someone lit a small fire in my nether-region. Ouchy ouchy ouch. Let’s google […]

Blubbering my way through my 20s… this can’t be normal, right?

I cry. Rather a lot actually. More than I’d really care to admit. So why I’m writing it on here is beyond me really. Sometimes it’s about normal things that normal people cry over. Like when sad things happen to my friends or family, or something horrible has happened on the news. Then there’s times […]

My first Christmas away from home

Ok, so I’m not going to be away for the entirety of Christmas day. I still get to see my Mum, my Dad, my brother, and his new wife (!) for the latter part of the day. We’re planning on having drinks and games, so arguably, it’ll be the funnest part of the day. Plus […]

Notes to my high school self

Be confident in your opinions. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts. Yes, ok, some people may not share your views. But that’s what makes life interesting! You don’t need to be a sheep, to follow the consensus, to go unheard. Ignore the bullies. Ignore the people who make you feel bad about yourself. Laugh […]