My first Christmas away from home

Ok, so I’m not going to be away for the entirety of Christmas day. I still get to see my Mum, my Dad, my brother, and his new wife (!) for the latter part of the day. We’re planning on having drinks and games, so arguably, it’ll be the funnest part of the day. Plus we’re all having Christmas dinner together on boxing day, so technically I’m not missing out on dinner with my family either.

Even so, I’ve been waking up on Christmas morning at either my Mum’s or my Dad’s house every day for the past 23 years. I would decorate the tree (whilst playing loud obnoxious music, things that aren’t even festive, like Scissor Sisters!) and sneaking the odd Cadbury’s tree chocolate here and there. I would wake up to a stocking, and spend the morning entertaining the relatives and drinking mulled wine. Because on Christmas day, it’s never too early for a bevvy. Or two.

We eat, pull crackers, toast, and drink., before lolling on the sofa after eating WAY TOO MUCH. After a coffee (possibly with some kind of liqueur in it) and passing around the obligatory packet of quality street or roses, we’ll hand out the presents.

The evening is then spent picking at leftovers with crackers and cheese whilst watching Christmas telly, like The Snowman, The Gruffalo, and Love Actually. Then eventually, in a foody, drinky, happy haze we’ll drift off to bed, ready to wake up the next morning disappointed that Christmas day is over and we have a whole year to wait. And then remembering that actually, we are seeing more family later this week and will have more Christmas food, presents, and mulled wine *hurrah!*.


But this year. This year will be different, for both me and my boyfriend. We’re in that weird age group, where you still expect to have Christmas with your family, but are grown up (kind of) and paired up, so suddenly Christmas is a shared event. Time with family gets split between two sets of parents, and Christmas traditions get moved and changed. Things that are important to one partner aren’t so much to the other, and compromises must be made. Analysing of the calendar must be done, in order to decide how to fairly split the holidays.

Yes, we could just have Christmas in our respective parent’s homes, and yet after living together for nearly 6 months, spending Christmas apart just wouldn’t feel right. This year I’ll be waking up at my boyfriends parents house, and sharing in their holiday festivities (and trying not to miss my parents too much!). This year is about embracing new traditions, holding on to some of the old, and enjoying this new stage in our lives (and trying not to freak out too much that everything is changing – eeek).

And who knows, maybe it will be the best Christmas yet. Mainly because I’m lucky enough to have to split my time, lucky enough to have so many loving people in my life to share the day with, and who want to celebrate Christmas with me. Lucky to be surrounded by my boyfriend’s family as well as my own.

So I’ll raise my mulled wine *yes, another one, its Christmas ok?!* and say cheers to this Christmas. Let’s hope it’s a good one!


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