Festive fun at Hogwarts

So, on Friday I had booked the day off work, caught the bus from Cardiff to London with my boyfriend, and headed to to magical city of Landan, to visit a beloved childhood character.


It was a special Groupon event, £49 for an evening tour, including free hotdog, beer, souvenir book (retail £9.95) and butterbeer. The halls were decked out for Christmas, with 20ft Christmas tree (seriously!) and fake snow everywhere. It was probably the most excited I’ve been in forever, I was literally bouncing around the place!


The tour started with the most obvious place, the cupboard under the stairs, where I managed to hold up an entire queue taking this photo!!

Afterwards, we moved through to the great hall, ready for a Christmas feast to feed hundreds!


After being almost pushed out of the great hall (I’ve never seen anything so incredible ever!) we started to move through the rest of the sets, all with the actual props and costumes used in the films.


After a telling off in Dumbledores office… (only kidding, I was actually being praised on my amazing magical ability…) we went through the door into the Chamber of Secrets…


Before meeting one of my favourite magical creatures (and remembering to bow first of course!)


We used the map to help guide us around Hogwarts …


Mischief managed!


Of course there was so much more than this – including the Knight bus, number 4 Privet Drive, Godric’s Hollow, and all the amazing sets, props, and detail.

By the time we’d finished and had got back to the hotel, it was around midnight, and I was absolutely knackered. Collapsing into bed, we (rather oddly) had James Bond to watch over us through the night.


Ready to make the 3 hour bus journey back to Cardiff for a lazy night in front of the television.

And today? Today I have spend watching cheesy Christmas films, catching up on my Advent calendar chocolate, and generally doing very little for once! Pure bliss.


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