18 thoughts all 20-somethings that have ‘flown the nest’ think at Christmas time

Ok, so I realise that although I have ‘flown the nest’, I have flown into someone else’s (am currently living with the boyfriend’s parents) but these are some thoughts that I’ve been having over the Christmas period:

  1. I really want to make my room festive this year. Christmas tree, tinsel, paper chains, THE LOT. Let’s get the festive spirit going!


  1. Christ, how much are Christmas trees?! Bloody hell, hm, maybe a sprig of holly will do instead…


  1. Wish I could go home right now to decorate the tree. I wonder if Mum and Dad will put chocolates on the tree again, like when I was a kid? Am I too old for that now?


  1. OMG what if they don’t get me a stocking this year?! Then my childhood will literally be OVER. Ring Dad NOW.


  1. Ok, maybe I’ve grown out of stockings and tree chocolates (HA, as if!) but it’s acceptable to make my own mulled wine now and drink it every night until Christmas, yes?


  1. Maybe I should try to lose weight now, so that I can gorge myself silly over Christmas?



  1. Nah, it’s the holiday season. And it’s cold. Really cold. I need this extra layer of fat to keep me warm, it’s necessary


  1. I need an advent calendar, how else am I going to persuade myself to get up every dark, cold, wintery morning? Maybe I should get two… January is pretty sucky too….



  1. Maybe I should get one of those fancy posh benefit ones, that have make-up in them for every day, or a yankee candles one! Yes, what a fabulously grand idea, and much more grown-up than the chocolate ones….


  1. Good God how expensive are they?! Boofle advent calendar for me then…



  1. How weird will it be when I’m old and host Christmas at my house?! OMG imagine buying a stocking and advent calendars for my own kids! Too weird…


  1. Is it weird that when I see diet coke this time of year, it makes me think of Christmas? Stupid branding! Damn, I missed the coca cola truck coming to Cardiff this month, GAH


  1. Santa is quite a creepy figure if you really think about it… deciding which children are naughty or nice, and watching when they are sleeping… damn getting older, ruining all my childhood joys


  1. I wonder if I’ll tell my kids about Santa? OMG I’m thinking about kids again please stop brain STOP.


  1. Maybe I’ll do some baking this year… HA, as if, I haven’t even left enough time to buy all the presents. The whole ‘running out of the office to buy one present at lunch time’ thing just isn’t working atm.


  1. I’m not sure if I can’t wait for Christmas, or can’t wait for a lie-in. Full time work is hard


  1. Life is hard


  1. But still, CHRISTMASSSSSSS!!!


Happy holidays everyone!!!


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