20 thoughts Bangor students can relate to


On a day when I’m rather missing being a lazy Bangor student, I thought I’d reflect on all the most memorable things about Bangor:


  1. The days that the rain just won’t stop pouring, but it’s so violently windy that you can’t use your umbrella *sob*
  2. The steps between bitch hill and main arts being like a waterfall during the rainy season (i.e, all year round)
  3. Bitch hill. Need I say more?!
  4. The rare occasion the sun does peek out from behind the clouds, and suddenly there are picnics on the Ffridd site, and shorts and sandals galore. Well, we don’t often get the opportunity, do we?
  5. The lush scenery. Especially if you live in Upper Bangor. Mountains mountains mountains. Through the rain. Ahhh.
  6. Mould growing on the ceiling in almost every student house. Houses without mould come at a premium rate. Well, in fairness it IS pretty hard to keep the damp out in such a wet country.
  7. Bizarre teeny tiny chair-desks in Main Arts, which are impossible to get out of unless the person next to you is also getting out. And the person next to them, and the person next to them. Finished your exam early? Better get comfy, ‘cause your gunna be there for a while…
  8. The inability to subtly sneak out of a boring lecture because of said chair/desks. Get ready for causing a scene in front of 300 other students…
  9. Waking up to see horizontal rain and thinking, nah, I can skip my 9am, and then not going to your 9am all semester because of the rain, every. single. day.
  10. Rain
  11. The Welsh jokes. YES I have seen the sheep. NO I haven’t learnt Welsh yet. YES that ‘araf’ sign is very funny. And if you sing ‘didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor’ one more time I will rip you to shreds.
  12. Living within walking distance of all of your friends. Being so used to this that Tescos and Maccies seems like a MASSIVE trek, and suddenly you’re ringing your mate with the car to drive you. So lazy.
  13. Bumping into everyone you know on nights out in one of the 3 nightclubs in town. Never needing to make solid plans with people because you know you’ll see them ‘out’.
  14. Knowing everyone’s gossip. Knowing everyone. Ahh, we’re just like one big family aren’t we?!
  15. Getting excited about finally getting an ASDA. Welsh choir singing at the store opening. Only in Bangor…
  16. Thinking Bangor is going to be a seaside town. Being bitterly disappointed.
  17. Walking on the pier in the freezing cold just to feel like you’re in a seaside town.
  18. Going to FatCats and feeling really posh and fancy in literally the only place your can buy a cocktail for miles (unless you count a snakebite as a cocktail…).
  19. Getting glammed up for a night out, then shoving your heels in your bag to wear your flats to the club so you don’t nearly break your ankle for the 3rd time that week attempting the hills in your platforms. Or otherwise getting a taxi to the club, and avoiding the hills altogether.
  20. Getting a taxi to lectures because of hills, and rain, and life.


Naww, we all love Bangor though really.


One comment

  1. Very good. I recognise a lot of those although I had no mould but my room in Friar’s Avenue did have a water feature.

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