Why it’s ok to have some alone time

So this weekend I was SUPPOSED to be doing another Spartan race up in Manchester, but instead I spent it buying video games and the most fabulous hat I have ever seen. Sat on my own in an empty house a part of me is regretting not going to Manchester, I feel like I should have made the effort and paid the £54 for the train fare to go. But I think I only feel that way because after a year of living with my boyfriend I’m not used to being on my own in the quiet, and the idea of being surrounded by friends is (obviously) appealing. BUT the reason I decided not to go was (partly) the cost, and ’cause actually I’m just really tired, the house needs cleaning, and I feel like I really do need some alone time. Yes, I just said that I’m lonely in the house right now, but the fact is I haven’t been putting any time into any of the pursuits I love because I’m always spending the time I’m not at work just hanging out or I’ve been busy going out/doing the races/seeing people. Which isn’t a BAD thing, but I do miss my blogging, my drawing, and just y’know, relaxing and going to bed early. Quick, someone hand me my granny slippers and a cuppa.

So today I wandered around the shops, found some pressies for my other half’s birthday, bought myself a video game (Tenchu – a complete blast from the past ’cause it’s something I used to play with my step-brother forever ago) and while I was out spotted the perfect hat – the first ever wide brimmed hat that doesn’t make me look like a mushroom! After finding my hat of dreams I took way too may pictures of me wearing it (obvs) and ate left over Chinese from y’day.

That kinda makes my day sound boring, and reading that back I kinda wish I was going out on the town for cocktails and laughs with ma friends just to livin’ things up a bit! Instead I’ll probably be either reading, drawing, or playing Tenchu, which might be a bit sad, but I really do think I need this rest, and hopefully soon I’ll be back to me well-rested perky self and will be more than up for a trip to God-knows-where to see friends/Spartan it up!

Spartan race wise I’ll be making up this distance I’m missing this weekend by doing the Cambridge races instead which are early this September and am hoping to take some time off work to have a long weekend there – so that’s something to look forward too!

So here’s to quiet weekend, zero plans, and making the most of time alone. Oh, and appreciating my new hat.



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  1. Alison · · Reply

    We must have a hatfest !

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