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Why it’s ok to have some alone time

So this weekend I was SUPPOSED to be doing another Spartan race up in Manchester, but instead I spent it buying video games and the most fabulous hat I have ever seen. Sat on my own in an empty house a part of me is regretting not going to Manchester, I feel like I should […]

18 thoughts all 20-somethings that have ‘flown the nest’ think at Christmas time

Ok, so I realise that although I have ‘flown the nest’, I have flown into someone else’s (am currently living with the boyfriend’s parents) but these are some thoughts that I’ve been having over the Christmas period: I really want to make my room festive this year. Christmas tree, tinsel, paper chains, THE LOT. Let’s […]

My first Christmas away from home

Ok, so I’m not going to be away for the entirety of Christmas day. I still get to see my Mum, my Dad, my brother, and his new wife (!) for the latter part of the day. We’re planning on having drinks and games, so arguably, it’ll be the funnest part of the day. Plus […]

Day 15 & 16 – the wedding weekend

Ok, so I’m cheating on my NaBloPoMo by combining what should have been two separate blog posts into one weekend feature. But to be fair, I’ve just spent the weekend celebrating my brother’s wedding to his beautiful new wife, so I hope I’ll be forgiven! The weekend was wonderful, filled with family, friends, laughter and […]

Day 6 – Christmas is coming..!!

As I sit here wrapped up in a cardie and scarf, huddled next to the radiator and sipping hot tea, one thing is for sure: winter is here. And whilst this means getting dressed in the morning in a chilly house, pretending to be a dragon as your breath produces puffs of steam (I can’t be […]

Day 5 – winter is here

The weather is getting chillier. As they say in Welsh: mae hi’n oer (it is cold). My woolly mittens are a staple wardrobe item. My dad bought a log burner. I died and went to heaven. I used to be desperate to move out of the parental home, to live the life of a free […]