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Blubbering my way through my 20s… this can’t be normal, right?

I cry. Rather a lot actually. More than I’d really care to admit. So why I’m writing it on here is beyond me really. Sometimes it’s about normal things that normal people cry over. Like when sad things happen to my friends or family, or something horrible has happened on the news. Then there’s times […]

Notes to my high school self

Be confident in your opinions. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts. Yes, ok, some people may not share your views. But that’s what makes life interesting! You don’t need to be a sheep, to follow the consensus, to go unheard. Ignore the bullies. Ignore the people who make you feel bad about yourself. Laugh […]

Top tips from an office newbie: 5 ways to survive the office grind

Hi everyone! So I’ve been in my new job now for just over 3 months, and my goodness it has been a learning curve! I’m loving my work, my colleagues, and the fact that I can justify shopping (…if it’s for work-appropriate clothes of course)! Despite all the perks of my job, I’m still getting used […]

Researchers love MASH (and it’s not made from potatoes)…

As I have mentioned in a previous post I am now working as a Market and Social Researcher, which is partly my excuse for not writing as much anymore – my life is just too darn busy! Not like the good ol’ days when I was a student, just chilling and relaxing all cool writing […]

Welsh pride dwells in an English girls heart

The upcoming Scottish referendum has got us all talking; mainly about how the concept of ‘Britain’ is falling apart and why Scotland doesn’t want to be friends with England anymore. But living in Wales has opened my eyes to the wider effect of Scotland’s cry for independence on the UK in its entirety, as I’ve […]

Is this your first ‘real’ job?

It’s been quite a while since my last post, purely because so much has been going on recently and I have just been swamped! At the end of June I finished my studies in Leiden, moved back to the UK, and have re-located from my home-town (Stafford) to Cardiff (well, close enough!), to live with […]

Unsocial use of social media / since when did I become so grumpy?!

One huge HUGE aspect of being an expat is keeping in contact with friends and relatives from back home. When stepping into the unknown, there’s really nothing better than having a good ol’ natter with someone still in your home country to comfort you in times of homesickness and keep you up to date with […]