It’s nearly my brother’s wedding and oh my gawddd I have to do a reading!! Luckily I had a presentation course earlier this week, but a reading at a wedding isn’t really the same as giving a client presentation. It’s a lot more close, a lot more meaningful… A lot more emotional. I’m so honoured […]

The best hot chocolate? When your boyfriend makes it! Gotta love lazy nights in.

Thought of the day: Making a personalised wedding present is much simpler in theory than in practise. Pictures after the wedding! XxxX

To do: Get up Eat porridge Watch Misfits Drink coffee Watch Top Gear Get dressed Potter about the house Do laundry Tidy bedroom (sort of) Do more laundry Put away clean dry laundry Eat lunch Potter some more Buy a jumper (or two) Practise welsh Eat dinner Watch a game show Practise welsh more Shower […]

It’s bliss doing absolutely nothing. Just sitting in front of the tele with a cuppa watching a millionth episode of friends. Except when you’re ill, and can’t enjoy it at all. The past three days I’ve been wrapped in a blanket coughing and sniffling my way through boxes of tissues whilst gulping down cough syrup. […]

With less than a week until my dear brother gets hitched, I’ve been making last minute prep: practising my reading, trying out different ‘weddingy’ hairstyles, and preparing the wedding gift for the happy couple. Wedding gifts can be a head scratcher. Some couples have a wedding list, with presents for people to choose from to […]

My nose has been red raw all day and it’s not even Red Nose Day. Been through 2 rolls of toilet paper blowing my snoz and my head feels like it’s full of cotton wool. And bees. Bees wrapped in cotton wool. Actually that sounds rather cute in a weird way…. Either way I’ve been […]

I’m a very open person. Ask me a question, and I’ll answer it as honestly as I can. Yes, I can sometimes be evasive and yes, I can keep secrets, but in the main if there is no particular reason not to share, I will share. I suppose that’s why blogging is such a great […]

As I sit here wrapped up in a cardie and scarf, huddled next to the radiator and sipping hot tea, one thing is for sure: winter is here. And whilst this means getting dressed in the morning in a chilly house, pretending to be a dragon as your breath produces puffs of steam (I can’t be […]

The weather is getting chillier. As they say in Welsh: mae hi’n oer (it is cold). My woolly mittens are a staple wardrobe item. My dad bought a log burner. I died and went to heaven. I used to be desperate to move out of the parental home, to live the life of a free […]